Move with Glenda

Glenda Springer earned a Masters in Education: Curriculum and Instruction - Computer Education in 2011 from the University of Phoenix. She experienced so much success and enjoyment as an online graduate student that she decided to pursue a career as an online instructor. Glenda has over 8.5 years of experience as an online instructor. She teaches two undergraduate courses Liberal Arts Perspectives and Technology in Society. She also has extensive experience teaching and developing online courses for educators. Glenda has always been passionate about technology. When she entered the job market, the IBM PC had just begun to gain popularity in the business world. Glenda used database design and programming, Lotus 1-2-3, and Wordperfect at an expert level. She went on to learn technology and programs related to the Apple Computer. She was a chat hostess for a division of American Online in the mid-1990s for a few years. She loved the excitement of connecting and learning that the internet offered. She became interested in desktop publishing, graphics, video creation and editing, and website design at the end of the 90s. Glenda loves to travel and worked part-time as a customer service agent for a major airline company mainly so that she could travel for free!  She is passionate about learning and teaching. Glenda loves being a Guide because it allows her to teach others how they can learn technology and pursue their own projects. One fun fact about her is that she obtained two yoga certifications so that she can teach yoga to anyone; no matter their experience, body size, or perceived limitations.