Meet Marge

Updated: Apr 26

Marge is a former University of Wisconsin professor, where she taught computer applications and website design. As a computer programmer she helped for many years to design the universities website and helped to put the first virtual college online in Wisconsin.

What does it mean to be a GetSetup Guide?

“I retired a little over a year ago and I found that I didn’t like having nothing to do. So I wanted a part-time job that allowed me to do meaningful work and contribute to the growth of others. Getsetup came to my attention through a website for seniors and I was immediately intrigued. I am often asked by people in my age group how they can learn to use their computer, tablet, or phone more effectively. Getsetup fills that niche. There are several things I really like about being a guide. Your schedule is completely up to you, you decide your availability and you can block out days for vacations or trips or even just doctor's appointments. You can teach classes from wherever you are or decline if you would rather not. You can choose the subjects you feel comfortable teaching and you can learn new tools if you wish. The list of subjects is extensive and growing daily.”

Do you enjoy being a GetSetup guide?

“I love it. I don't think i could find a job that would suit me better. I live alone so it's nice to talk to people. Plus since I taught at university this is a great fit for me. Oh, and I love to help people!”

What do you think your students most gain from your classes?

“Confidence.” She says right away, and without hesitation. “They get the feeling that they learned a new skill and they can say to themselves - I am able to do this.”

How has GetSetup been impacted with the coronavirus?

“I was particularly impressed with Neil and the GetSetup team when they started to offer classes for free during corona. Just this week I had a man who signed up for Social Security class. (Check out How to Apply for Social Security Online).

We were wrapping up the class and he was telling me how much he enjoyed the class. He said it was very helpful and he’s an engineer. He also told me about a spreadsheet he has had since the 70s to keep track of his pension. I thought - Why do you need this class? Since he seemed so well prepared, but was glad he found it useful.

Then he said, ‘What’s the gimmick?’ I've been looking for it in the class.

No, gimmick I responded. We are straight up trying to help people now, and there is no gimmick in that.”

Has a lot changed with technology since you first started using it?

“It is definitely easier now. I started in 79 or 80 when PCs were invading homes, but I was fascinated with them. Back then you had to start your computer in DOS, and put in a disk to run the software. I didn’t even have Windows.” She adds, “I’m still not a Windows fan.” Back then it was mostly scientists and professors using technology and you had to put in a disk for everything. Even to save your work. If you forgot to put in a disk to save your work you were out of luck.”

Thankfully you don’t have to be out of luck. With great guides like Marge at GetSetup we are ready to help you!

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