Do you know all there is to know about Medicare?

Updated: May 4

As a Guide, Marge has an opportunity to teach many classes but her favorite class is the Introduction to Medicare class offered by GetSetup.

“It’s the class I enjoy teaching the most,” she informed me. “There is a lot of good information in that 1 hour session.” It is the class that hits most at home for her. She wishes she had had access to the information beforehand.

When Marge turned 65 she didn’t sign up for Medicare, and as she put it, “That came back to bite me later on.”

At the age of 67, Marge suffered a stroke. “I’m fine now. But, there was a hospital stay.”

At the time she was a project manager, and that is not a job that can be left empty. Therefore, while Marge struggled to recover, her office had to find a replacement. She lost her job. Losing her job meant that she also lost her health insurance.

“It was a problem,” she said.

She tried right away to get signed up then for medicare, but one of the companies she had worked for didn’t want to fill out the forms. It took months to get coverage.

“In the end, I ended up with over $5,000 dollars in medical bills that I had to pay out of pocket.”

But that isn’t where her limited knowledge of Medicare ended.

“Another thing I didn't know at the time was I had a high deductible health care from my company. Once you turn 65 you are automatically enrolled in medicare part A. It’s the free part that pays hospital bills. When that happens then it is illegal to pay into an HSA. You can use the money, but you can’t contribute. I didn’t know that and was contributing.”

On top of all the worries, stress, and fears around losing her job, recovering from a stroke, trying, when she needed it most and not ahead of time, to sign up for Medicare, her lack of knowledge initially added yet another worry. Would she have to pay a fine or yet another expense for having contributed to her HSA?

She was lucky as she said, “I didn’t end up paying a fine. I could have, but I wasn’t contributing enough to go over the cap at the time.”

Marge knows first-hand the importance of Medicare and so she enjoys helping others and sharing this knowledge so that others aren’t caught unaware and unprepared.

Do you know enough about Medicare? Why not sign up for our Introduction to Medicare class and see what information you might be missing out on?

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