10 Reasons to Gift a GetSetup Class

Times sure have changed with social distancing. Many of us haven’t been able to enjoy some of our favorite experiences as we attempt to do our part to limit the spread of coronavirus. Not being able to go shopping, can make gift giving a bit harder.

However, there has never been a better time to gift -- an experience. Experiences make excellent gifts because they are lifelong memories that stay with us forever, and can go on to teach us a new skill, something more about ourselves, or help us discover a new passion.

GetSetup provides remote live training on online tools and apps geared towards the 50+ demographic. Many 50+ adult learners are often less tech-savvy than younger members of the population and are especially vulnerable to being disconnected. GetSetup offers “re-skilled” retired educators as Guides to train their peers in online tools and other classes to help them feel more independent and up-to-date. Classes are taught as overviews, small groups, or one-to-one classes so that students learn at their own pace in a supportive environment. These classes help to ensure users understand interfaces, apps, and technologies to ensure confidence, ease of use, and independence.

Check out these 10 great reasons to give a GetSetup Class as your next gift!

Many people over the age of 55 are not tech savvy and are feeling isolated right now.

  • Give your Mom a class or series of classes for Mother’s Day.

  • Help your neighbor learn new skills.

Family and friends want to hear from you and even better, see you.

  1. Humans are social beings. We all need to see each other regularly. Help someone connect.

  2. People, even if they do not live alone, are feeling isolated. Bring them together.

People feel more confident and happier if they are productive.

  1. Psychology experts say that learning should be a lifelong process. Give someone the ability to keep learning.

  2. These days productivity seems to revolve around tech stuff. Prove your tech savviness by learning a new app or software.

Entertainment is more varied and interesting when you can use streaming.

  1. Streaming gives you access to programming from around the world. Learn how to stream on a global level.

  2. Quarantine means global museums, symphonies, ballets, and theater are all available at the click of a finger. Tour the Louvre from your living room.

GetSetUp guides are kind and patient making you feel right at home.

  1. Guides let you learn at your own speed. Learn at your own pace; there is no race.

  2. Guides answer all your questions and never make you feel like you shouldn’t ask.

We offer classes that get you started and let you take control, when you are ready.

  1. We provide the foundation for you to take control of tools like Gmail or your Medicare account.

  2. We make sure your foundation is solid so you continue to grow.

Classes are one-on-one or very small group classes.

  1. There is no pressure to move faster than your comfort zone.

  2. Everyone contributes and a sense of community is formed.

Tech savvy individuals can pursue their interests.

  1. Learn to be your own researcher and follow your passions.

  2. Help yourself to discounts, deliveries, transportation, and so much more.

Stay active online.

  1. Exercise in your living room without the hassle of going to the gym.

  2. Save yourself time and money to do the activities you love by getting your groceries and prescriptions delivered right to your door.

It’s fun!

  1. Meet new people.

  2. Learn new skills.

These are just 10 of our favorite reasons to give GetSetup as your next gift. However, if you need more sign up for our newsletter to learn even more of the exciting reasons why GetSetup experiences make exceptional gifts.