50+ demographic are the largest growing category in the United States today.

Getting them up to speed on software tools  is important for your business!

Demystifying Technology

We train and onboard your 50+ employees through one-on-one or group/webinars.

Our virtual team of guides have at least 20 + years of education experience and love to teach and solve problems.


Learn internal or external software tools

White glove service

Create custom curriculum

Access to all recorded sessions

Group Classes

Learn internal or external software tools 

Small group Webinars on topics of your choice

Focus on tools used in your business

Our Guides are really good at what they do.

They are empathetic, patient, and unlike watching recorded videos, your employees get to practice and can set individual goals with our Guides.

Let us know how we can help!

Our Guides are experts, and we look forward to supporting your employees as they learn modern software tools.

Software Tools

A large part of the 50+ population need to be re-skilled on common business software - Zoom, Hubspot, you name it

Expert Guides

Guides go through the Getsetup Academy which is a rigorous training program on our partner products.

Custom Training

Have internal tools that your workforce is required to use? Our Guides are retired teachers, and we specialize in curriculum design. We can help create training programs for your team.