Work remotely based on your availability.

Join GetSetup as a Guide or Creator Today! We are looking for both individuals to take on both opportunities. 


Our Creator role on our Marketplace is always open so you don't have to wait.


Learn tech tools to apply your expertise in a new context.

What You’ll Do

Guides help customers learn how to use a variety of tools so that they can be successful in achieving their goals in:

  • Health & Wellness

  • Finance

  • Small Business Skills

  • Education

  • Technology


Propose a class idea and teach aligned to your expertise and passions.

What You’ll Do

Creators teach courses of their choice and get featured on our website.  Do you:


  • Have a product, skill, or service that you are passionate about teaching?

  • Already teach this online or in-person and want to impact a larger audience?

  • Have proficiency with video meetings? (if not, sign up for one of our free classes)

Free Info Sessions

You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

Guide Academy

1-2 week program with a product expert teaching you a new tool/service.

What You’ll Learn

Learn New Technologies and use your teaching skills.

Teach online using Zoom through our Virtual Instructor-Led Training 

Guides make $20-$25/hour depending on the class.

Intensive Customer Engagement Skill Education developed by one of the masterminds behind the Apple Genius Bar curriculum.

Creator Marketplace

Access to an video based teaching platform and curriculum tools.

What You’ll Get

Marketing support on our website with 20,000 monthly visitors

Free training in Customer Engagement and Virtual Instruction.

Earn 70% of revenue from your classes (and you set the price!)

Access to a community of Instructors and Guides

Repurpose your skills now

As an educator you already possess the skills needed to help our customers.

We'll help you learn how to use software tools so you can apply your teaching skills to new technologies.


You'll hit the ground running, earning extra money while leveraging your years of experience.

World-class instructors

Our instructors are experts in the field of Customer Success having built curriculums for companies like Apple, Google and Airbnb.

You can master software products, solve problems for your customers, and build relationships.

Don't leave your home

All classes take place online, in a virtual classroom with your instructors and fellow Guides.

If you miss a class you can watch a recorded session of that class at your own pace.