We believe learning is a crucial benefit to help seniors age well.

GetSetup provides our partner health plan members access to unlimited interactive online classes with other seniors.

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Learning as a Benefit 

The Health Plan Program

GetSetup works with health plans to design customized programs for their community.

Learning Channel

Curate Classes

GetSetup can curate a list of existing classes for health plans to drive user engagement.

We can create health plan specific classes offered "exclusively" to your members.  

Custom Programming


GetSetup can develop group or individual onboarding classes for your new members.


Offer personalized support in using your health plan products and apps.


Drive adoption and customer satisfaction.

Learning as a benefit

Live Group Classes

GetSetup sends reminders to members before classes. 

Our experienced educators make every session fun and interactive!

Our Guides ensure that your members learn how to download your app, use your app, and ultimately they drive feature adoption.


Engagement data

Due to the interactive nature of our classes and our proprietary technology platform, we collect and monitor members’ interests and needs.

GetSetup can provide detailed updates to health plans regarding member engagement and wellness.

Live Interactive Sessions

Live group sessions

One-on-one training and on-boarding.


Truly Interactive learning...users learn by doing, not by watching


Continuous learning and custom curriculums available

Why Getsetup?

Expert Educators

Our Guides are all 50+ yr old expert educators


They are patient and empathetic

They create trust with users because they are peers teaching peers

Proven Results

Our Guides are the best teachers for others their age.


We make learning a new skill fun not intimidating


Our classes increase socialization for those that most need it. 


We are a great solution for reducing isolation and loneliness

Benefits for Health Plans

Improve member engagement 
Drive digital adoption
Reduce loneliness and isolation
Increase brand visibility
Capture member-level data
Reduce healthcare costs 
Improve health outcomes
Improve member satisfaction