Digital Adoption through Education

Digital adoption is essential if you want employees, health providers, members, and patients to use your website, apps, and tech features for health services. GetSetUp trains and onboards your members at scale, and reduces friction in the member/patient engagement as well as costs to your organization.

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The Competitive Advantage

GetSetUp offers service packages that are customized for one-on-one onboarding. We can address the specific needs of your organization with white-glove service and follow up. We can also offer group classes with on-demand content development.

Reduce Costs

Optimize in-person and video visits with members/patients by teaching new efficient ways of engaging with your organization online. Plus you can train your employees and members to effectively use your internal tools.

Affordable Training

Provide affordable training to reskill and upskill your staff on websites, softwares, and services. Increase productivity for new staff on digital tools with our on-demand professional trainers.

Data Analytics

Gather valuable feedback from your members/patients through their class participation. You can customize the feedback questions to understand how to better serve their future needs.

  • Live & Interactive - Unlike watching videos, GetSetUp classes involve active participation from all learners. We believe in learning by doing.
  • Engaging and Fun - Our classes are taught by older adults who bring all their wisdom and experience into the class. Learners are actively engaged in fun discussions and practice.
  • Make New Friends - Our classes are small, relaxed, and perfect for people who want to build new relationships while learning a new skill.
  • Ask Questions - Ask as many questions as you want! Our Guides are patient and committed to ensuring that learners are set up and confident to achieve their goals.

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Value for your users

Feel empowered

They learn new tech which empowers them to utilize new skills with confidence!


Members are more engaged and utilize your app features more fully.

Increase Neuroplasticity

Learning is proven to help fight memory loss and increase brain power to lessen the effects of dementia.

Expert Educators

Build-in trust with experienced member/patient educators that are users' peers.

Live Interactive Sessions

Instructor-led sessions where users learn 'by doing.' These session can be one-on-one or in groups.

Proven results

Our Guides are expert teachers facilitating classes that promote socialization for those that need it most.