Education as a Benefit

GetSetUp provides our partner health plan members access to interactive online classes with other seniors. Allowing partners to offer learning as a benefit to their members to help enhance technology skills and engage members in topics of their interest.

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Health Plan Program

GetSetUp works with health plans to design customized programs for their community with options for learning channels, co-created classes, customized programming, and insights.

Engagement Data

Due to the interactive nature of our classes and our proprietary technology platform, we collect and monitor members' interests and needs. GetSetUp can provide detailed updates to health plans regarding member engagement and wellness.


Develop group or individual onboarding classes for your new members with personalized support in using your health plan products and apps to drive adoption and customer satisfaction.

Learning as a Benefit

Offer fun curated and customized classes for continuous learning and improvement. Your community will learn "by doing' not just by watching. Classes can be exclusively for your members and help drive user engagement.

Benefits for Health Plans

  • Improve member engagement
  • Drive digital adoption
  • Reduce loneliness and isolation
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Capture member-level data
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Improve member satisfaction

Value for your users

Feel empowered

They learn new tech which empowers them to utilize new skills with confidence!

Increase Neuroplasticity

Learning is proven to help fight memory loss and increase brain power to lessen the effects of dementia.


Help your users fight loneliness and its ugly side effects through live interactive connections.

Expert Educators

Built in trust with experienced patient educators that are users' peers.

Live Interactive Sessions

Instructor-led sessions where users learn 'by doing.' These session can be one-on-one or in groups.

Proven results

Our Guides are the best teachers for others their age in classes that promote socialization for those that need it most.

Keeps them safe

Live classes online have all the interactivity of social situations with diverse people from around the world, but none of the safety risk factors.

Changes their perception

Tech is no longer something to be afraid of but now an essential resource.


Members are better informed and engaged with your brand.

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