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About Me

I have 30+ years in various corporate roles mostly in international funds management and automotive industries. My last organisation was Toyota Australia, with 10 years spanning distribution, finance, and most recently change management for the Lexus Division. I now also help older people navigate and connect to the information and services they most need, via my personal service. I have been married 22 years, with two 20- and 18-year-old boys both still at home whilst studying and working. I am also the daughter of ageing parents who are still doing well and have a rich circle of both lifelong and new friends I have met along the way. I discovered I am a lifelong learner with my first undergraduate study in Education and post graduate studies in Change Management and now at age 53 I am working through my Masters of Ageing at Melbourne University. I was very inspired by a 91-year-old classmate and when she spoke of her lived experience, everyone listened! I also love travel, culture and people and hearing about their lives, experiences and what makes them tick. In my experience, everything in life is a transition whether with organisations or people, and those that adapt well can enjoy longevity and success. Ageing is just a continued series of life changes and in a backdrop of a changing world, such as the digital age, what Getsetup is doing really appeals to me.

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