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About Me

Lee is an accomplished leader in building and leading high-performance sales and marketing teams driving innovation in healthcare and software. He was at the forefront in building and establishing cellular networks in North America in the early 1980s. He has helped develop new breakthrough technologies and bring significant change throughout the world to leading healthcare and medical centers in the past thirty years. Currently, Lee assists a leading medical device company that provides a robot to help stroke recovery patients recover from home. Lee graduated with a degree in Business Marketing. Lee and his family reside in Atlanta and have lived all over the country, he has also traveled throughout the world and lived in New Zealand for a short time picking/packing kiwis and apples. For the past five years, Lee has helped support his wife men’s skincare line throughout the Southeast, something he never thought he ever use but now is a big believer. Ever since Lee was a young child he has loved technology, taking apart and putting together(most of the time) TV’s, lawnmowers, and stereos. Lee has been a caregiver for four elderly parents and has established several telehealth and long-term living technologies and services. Now he teaches and trains seniors on technology for GetSetup. In his free time, Lee enjoys speed walking, tennis, kyaking and walking the family ferocious attack dog, their Bichon dog, Jerry.

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