Premium Benefits for Employees

Similar to daycare options employers benefit from offering employees premium benefits to help care for aging relatives, especially since more of the population is over 50 than under 18.

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Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Many employees miss work to care for an older loved one or help them get to appointments. Classes with GetSetup can help provide older adults with the tools to do this for themselves.

Increase Employee Retention

Benefits for aging relatives show that employers understand the holistic needs of their employees. Employees feel confident that the employer understands the stress of caring for an older adult.

Increase Employee Productivity

When employees know their older adults are engaged in a positive learning experience and socializing with peers they can be at ease to focus on work. This increases productivity.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

GetSetup as a premium benefit to employees means that companies have one more tool in their belt to assure they attract and retain top talent.

Interactivity Poured Into Every Class

Live & Interactive

Unlike watching videos, GetSetup classes involve active participation from all learners. We believe in learning by doing.

Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you want! Our Guides are patient and committed to ensuring that learners are set up and confident to achieve their goals.

Engaging and Fun

Our classes are taught by older adults who bring all their wisdom and experience into the class. Learners are actively engaged in fun discussions and practice.

Make New Friends

Our classes are small, relaxed, and perfect for people to build new relationships while learning a new skill.

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Value for your users

Reduces stress associated with aging parents

Adult children know parents are engaged in a social community and learning the essential technology skills to help facilitate their independence, and reduce some of the caregiving role.

Aging Relatives are more independent

Users learn how to better communicate with family and friends using technology so they can seek help as needed instead of requiring someone to check in on them.

Reduces Check-ins

In-person visits to check-in on aging adults may not need to be as frequent since older adults can use technology to do this.