How to Take Great Pictures With Your iPhone

Smartphone cameras are incredibly capable—with more options and functions than you may realize. In this course we’ll cover various functions of your smartphone camera. You’ll learn how your phone camera can help you compose a shot. You’ll discover how to take striking portraits and panoramic pictures. And you’ll learn how to edit your photos to make them even more dazzling.  

Who is this class for?

Smartphone users, photography enthusiasts, beginning photographers, parents, grandparents, nature enthusiasts, travel enthusiasts

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About your instructor - Scott Sleek

Scott has been an avid photographer for 20 years, and recently left a long-career in the communications field to launch his own consulting business. He also is embarking on a second career as a professional photographer. He earned a journalism degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and, over a 35-year career, has worked as a reporter, a telecommunications industry analyst, and a media relations director. He is passionate about photography and graphic design and has found Getsetup to be a great way to share that passion. In his spare time, Scott enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, traveling, blogging, and volunteering. He and his wife Jiwon live in Silver Spring, Maryland with their dog Maggie.  

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  • Learn the fundamentals of photography
  • Uncover the hidden picture-taking capabilities of your device
  • Discover free and low-cost apps to enhance your photos
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