Get Started With Zoom for Beginners

These days everyone is on Zoom chats and meetings. Learn how to use Zoom to stay connected with family and friends, schedule meetings, and keep in touch. This class focuses on showing you how to use Zoom to host or participate in online video sessions, whether it is to keep up with the grandkids or sharing a glass of wine over conversation with old friends.

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  • How to join a Zoom session from your laptop, phone or tablet
  • How to use the chat feature while in a meeting
  • How to check & activate your microphone and camera
  • How to use the participant controls in a meeting
  • How to use virtual backgrounds
  • Zoom social etiquette

Small Group Classes: Free

These are small groups of 5-10 participants. Participants have varying levels, goals, and needs. Class goals are established as a group.

All times are in your local time zone