50+ demographic are the largest growing category in the United States today.

GetSetup partners with health systems around the country to help their members with digital adoption.

Make  Getsetup Your Competitive Advantage

We train and onboard your customers through one-on-one or group/webinars.

Our virtual team of guides have at least 20 + years of education experience and love to teach and solve problems. And they are in no rush to move on to the next call !! 


Goal based onboarding 

White glove service

Follow ups with your customers 

Access to all recorded sessions

Group Classes

Conduct your office hours 

Small group Webinars on topics of your choice

Focus on Small Business use cases

Our Guides are really good at what they do.

They are EmpatheticPatient, and unlike watching recorded videos your customers get to Practice and can set individual goals with our Guides so they overcome their fear of learning your product. 


A large part of 50+ population are starting small business and are looking for solutions like Shopify, Copper CRM, Zendesk, Quickbook, Square Space, you name it.

Our Guides can help customer get setup on these tools.


Our guides will teach your customers via video how to use your app or your software, learn about their Medicare options, book appointments, submit claims online, pay bills and set-up reminders. 


Seniors want to use the same technology as everybody else. But sometimes they need some help getting started. Our Guides can help with all the basics... from getting set-up on Linkedin to improve their job prospects to helping with Facebook and Instagram so they can communicate with their kids and grandkids.


Seniors want to use today’s online banking and finance applications. Our Guides can help them understand your asset management apps, investing applications and what they might need to know when considering their retirement options. We can teach your customers how to make the most of your digital tools to maximize their financial security.

And they go through a lot of training

We tap into a massive pool of educators and equip them with all the tools needed to become At-Home On boarding guides to help your customers truly enjoy your product.

Educators First

As career educators our guides loved helping students and now are using their skills and passion to personalize on-boarding for users.

100+ Hours of training

Guides go through the Getsetup Academy which is a rigorous training program on our partner products.

White Glove Service

Get the most out of your product and experience with personalized recommendations and solutions from your Guide.