Getsetup is a live, interactive, online learning platform for older adults. We are Seniors teaching Seniors.

Offer your members over 60 different group and one-on-one classes taught by senior educators. 

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Onboarding & Training

For your Staff

Re-skill and up-skill on internal tools i.e. website, software

and services


Offer fun and interesting classes to create new learning opportunities


Create curated and  custom classes for continuous learning and improvement

Learning as a Benefit 

Curate GetSetup for your Members

Live interactive and fun online classes


Your members learn software and skills “by doing” not just by watching


Option to create an e-learning channel for continuous education

Live Interactive Sessions

Live group sessions

One-on-one training and on-boarding.


Truly Interactive learning...users learn by doing, not by watching


Continuous learning and custom curriculums available

Why Getsetup?

Expert Educators

Our Guides are all 50+ yr old expert educators


They are patient and empathetic

They create trust with users because they are peers teaching peers

Proven Results

Our Guides are the best teachers for others their age.


We make learning a new skill fun not intimidating


Our classes increase socialization for those that most need it. 


We are a great solution for reducing isolation and loneliness


Getsetup offers individual sessions as well as subscription based pricing depending on usage and implementation.