Get Started With Gmail 1-1

In this session we will cover:

Now more than ever is the time to get started with Gmail so you can communicate with anyone... anywhere, anytime. Even more with the online Calendar tool you can manage appointments, events and even send notifications to yourself so you don't miss important activities. This 1 hour one on one session will help you:

* Get setup and set up in Gmail
* Know how to send an email to one or several people
* Know how to find and open new email messages you receive
* Learn how to delete emails
* Know how to 'undo' (retract) a message you didn't mean to send
* Understand tips for organizing your Inbox so it doesn't get cluttered
* Set appointments on the Calendar
* Create an event and invite others
* Set up notfications and reminders using Calendar
* Understand how to watch for and handle Spam and malicious messages

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