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Discover Your Strengths and Talents


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Great Dinners to Make in 30 Min or Less!


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Stay Connected With Family and Friends


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Get Started with Zoom


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Using Your Android Smartphone


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Classes to get you started

These introductory classes are a fun way to learn technology where you get to ask all the questions you need to make your personal device or software work for you! Once you learn these a world of endless possibilities opens for you to learn and teach.


“I used to make my son book me an Uber. After my session with Getsetup I feel comfortable ordering Uber to go for my doctor visits.” 


- Tory D, Fort Lauradale , FL

Classes to get you connected with Social Services

These interactive classes are designed to help you navigate the essential social services offered online. Don't miss out on learning how to engage with your local government - we can help!

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We offer unlimited access to a curated list of classes for your members. As an option, this curated list could be co-branded and promoted as a Learning Channel on your website and elsewhere.

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